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What is Death of a Catholic Parish all about?

It was about he attack on the Faith and souls. The Protestantisation of the priests and the faithful of the parish. The gutting of the church was symbolic of the gutting of the Parish.

So why bother doing anything about this now since this all happened so long ago? The reason is because this has been and continues to be repeated in parishes the world over. So this site is really not just about this Parish, but any Parish anywhere where something like this could happen. We hope this site spreads an awareness of this issue so the same fate does not fall upon other faithful people.

So what needs to happen now?

What needs to be restored?

  • The Parish needs to have a Priest appointed who is totally faithful to the teachings of the church and the Pope – all of them. It must be someone who dresses like a priest so that they make a visible impact on the faithful and general public.
  • The Mass must be returned to the holy Sacrifice that it is, and not just be a community gathering.
  • The Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help with Benediction should be re-instated as it was for so many years right up until the fire of 1989. As well as the following, Novena to the Divine Mercy – First Saturday in month, Prayers for priestly and religious vocations, Sacred Heart Novena with Benediction -First Friday in month, the Rosary before Mass.
  • Week-day Mass, everyday at a time that everyone can go, including those who are working.  Currently it is only at 9.10am 3 days a week.
  • Confession should be available more regularly, not just once a week for half an hour on a Saturday morning or by appointment.

This comes at a time where the Pope is calling for a “reform of the reform” and a re-ignition of the faith in this the year of Grace. What an excellent place to start this reform of the reform of Benalla. Restore this Parish and allow it to be a beacon of the Sandhurst diocese that can be admired and revered as once it was.

We believe if these things were to happen the restoration of the building would follow automatically.

Please join us in praying for this intention.

God Bless.