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If your parish is considering “renovation” or you can’t believe that renovations can cause a parish to implode, you need to read this book called “Death of a Catholic Parish”

This is the first-hand account of a renovation project in Australia that transformed a jewel of architecture near Melbourne into an over-sized parish hall.

In 1989 a team of “progressive” clerics was assigned to St. Joseph’s church and quickly decided that it needed “updating”. They also abolished devotions and encouraged all kinds of liturgical abuse.

During the controversy the church was gutted by an unexplained fire. The renovation carried out afterwards finished off what the fire couldn’t.

This site has been created partly as a tribute to a once magnificent Church where we will provide as many before and after images as we can find to display to you just how beautiful it once was, and to take up the cause of seeing it restored to it’s former glory.

It has been 22 years since the “experiment” began. We intend to look at some of the results of the actions of the “progressive” clerics and see just how this Parish has progressed?

What was changed?

It’s not all about the building